Monday, April 25, 2011


picazzo - hvis morgendagen aldri kommer

this is one of my norwegian favorite song. its a song of hope, courage, and self confidence.
the song reminds me on how thigs could possibly change. wasting a single minute would change a lifetime effect. What if there will be no tommorow? what will you gonna do? or what if tomorrows will gone in seconds would you still waste seconds of your time?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

america's high lights, OBAMA

I was listening to his speech a while ago and I catch these very significant phrase of his speech. Of course I just don’t believe and admire very flowery speeches. I’ve heard a lot of that even in our native country, a lot of promises, etc…
Here it is……
This victory alone is not the change we seek - it is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were. It cannot happen without you.
What I like these phrase the most is the humility of him accepting the fact that he could not make it alone. And that people of America just give him a change to make a better leader. I know for a fact that almost all the winners of different battles pretends to be the servant of there people. I may not know Obama and his background that well, but I hope he could really uphold the necessary things in order for US to go back to its normal or for a better AMERICA.
The challenge and pressure is there and a lot of people is holding on to him that he can be able to run the country as good as he can. I’m pretty sure he knows exactly what has to be done, as a lot of people all over the world expect a lot for his leadership.
Give that black guy a chance, not only because of his colour but also because of what he has to give to America. Every American (Hispanic, black, white, Asian etc) has right to contribute to make America a better place.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

how important is decision making in our life?

In many years i had been into tough situations which need to be motivated by my mind and by my power of thinking. i have learned that it was so hard to decide specially when your in trouble. sometimes we end up crashed and rusted by our own doing. those experiences made me realized how hard it is to overcome and how difficult it is to refurnished the wrong doings i had been into.
Decisions begin as thoughts. if thinking is our pathway to power, then it must be true that our decisions is the surest and most rapid super-expressway to success. Decisions are the strongest and most powerful way for us to alter our circumstances. By making decisions, we are taking responsibility for our life to guide it through the labyrinth of choices available for us. In my life i have learned few things on how decision making really affects me and influenced me.
a. i have a choice= in fact i have a lot of choices, yes right now i have a lot of choices and make decisions that can affect my life. i have unlimited choices to make decisions that can have a tremendous inspirational impact in my life. Sure, there may be many obstacles and challenges along the way. however if i stand to the firm decisions that i have made, i can have self confidence that can show the bold actions i may take that would carry me over to any troubling grounds and lead me to victory.
b. firmness of decisions= sticking with my decisions through ups and downs, good and bad thick and thin. making decisions is just like exercising muscles, the greater the intensity of exercise the stronger the muscles grow. likewise the firmer the decisions the more conviction behind them.
these two things made me realized how to handle things out. and know the consequences of my actions. I learn to make firm decision when commitment is made to achieve.

Monday, October 27, 2008

my sister's in- law sentiments

my sister in law had been together with us for about 3 years with the 4 kids. yes, i am supporting them since my brother has no job. aside from the fact that my brother has no stable job his family was then in my costudy, seems that i am there father. it was quite a tough responsibility providing and supporting them.
my sister handed me this moring a letter and while reading it, i feel really pity of her situation, somehow i understand how she feels, and i know who is to be blame with there situation.

Here is her letter
my dearest sister,

before its a fulfillment for both of us when we dont have kids yet, just me and your brother no big responsibilities, until i get pregnant. it was so easy for us coz during that time your brother still have job and we only had one kid, but when the other 3 kids came up in this world that was the start of our difficult life. i realized how it is being a wife, and having a husband with no job is precisely the most miserable life ever. i don't have much time for myself, but when i think of my kids its all done i mean i feel the comfort having these wonderful kids around me.

as a wife, i try to understand your brother in as much as i could, and i thank GOD that he had given me a wonderful sister like you who took good care of us despite of all your struggles in life, you never forget us and provide everything in the absence of your brother. there are times that i feel so shy with you but you made me comfortable and at ease. its amazing how i am blessed with a sister in law who think first of her family than herself.
i am just so thankful to GOD and never fails to call him in times when i am down, and he always answer me. i thank him coz he had given me you. thank you sis for everything. your my sister and my best friend.

with love,
ate jocelyn

somehow with this letter i realized how hard it is for my sister in law to handle tough situation being apart from my brother and for having a jobless husband. i admire her so much, coz of her patient and how she value her family and the love that she showed for her children. i love her so much.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

facing the risk

Can we learn something helpful here? Something that may save our self-steem and make it less necessary to retreat? Can we face the possibilities of hurt without shrinking from life to avoid it? The answer, if we allow ourselves to be human, is yes. We can indeed learn much about tricky questions of emotional involvement. We can learn things about ourselves that enable us to avoid crushing and unnecessary pain as we seek to live more closely with others. We can love without destroying our self-confidence.

What is like to be excessively emotionally involved? Everyone of us has had some experience of this. Mine is just too personal, maybe because i was so attached of what my husband told me when were having chat a while ago. We talk about the high taxes that he must be paying this coming November. I understand that he lives in one of the most expensive country in the world. And taxes really much high than we expected. My husband had been affected so much with the global financial crisis. I feel helpless coz I'm still here in my country and i cannot even extend my arms to my husband to comfort him, although we keep on talking over the net and on the phone. He maybe financially stable but still i feel the pressure of being the man of the family. I wanted to hug him but i can't due to our distance. All i can do is to comfort him trough words of encouragement.

I'm just hoping and praying that these global problem will end up so everyone can get back to its normal passage of life.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Iv’e had a friendship with a single man for over 12 years, and it’s been a wonderful gift to me. we made a decisions early on that, for many reasons, the relationship were never lead to marriage and it was truly a settled issue that it was a friendship and nothing more, in both our minds. how nice it has been to that male companionship, to get a male viewpoint, to be able to call him without worrying about what he might think, to go with him freely , in others words to have a friend in him just as i do with my female friends.
They come and go with our lives and leave us there memories, memories that would complete us being a human. Sometimes i wonder why there are friendship that would not last long? Maybe because we lost trust with them, or maybe they are just friends in times that your life is on its peak. But whatever is the reason we must never forget that in this world we need friends, and friendship starts with in ourselves, and towards our mankind. Maybe you would wonder what does it means. Well, its just a matter of self-interrogation, and intra-communication, talking to thy selves would really help us on how to deal with our friends.
NOW THAT i am married i have all the limitations to stop meeting him, somehow it made me realized the real value of a true friend. he is just like my brother, someone who protect and respect me at all times. to you my friend i vow and hope you will read this you know who you are. thanks a lot for the friendship.

Friday, October 24, 2008

the start of me

if i am able to relate all the things that happen in my past, it would be a milestones of writing and typing. that's why i end up sleepless nights thinking where would i start. i may admit that since college even though my course is related to communication i am having hard times in writing, i remember one of my professor told me, Noemi you maybe good enough in many ways, but in writing your not, it can pull you down. these phrase always linger in my mind. but i did not take it as a negative criticism, rather i dealt it and dwell it as a tool of something. something that i know would give me enough courage to face my weaknesses.
then how would i become successful if i would not be able to overcome it right? in many ways, i admire and i appreciate my prof back then and wish to see him and say thank you, because if not of him i would not have the gats to do this things.
physically, i am a kind of person that is petite, never had in my life that i experience gaining weight, terrible, i dream to gain some pounds but it didn't worked out. but i hope i would when i have a baby soon hehehhe.
i am a moody type of person, specially if some situation triggers me to be like that. well, don't matter what are those...but a midst of it, i could eventually handle it.
i grew up with a typical Filipino family, my upbringing was derived from the ancient or a military form of discipline, maybe because my father was then a military. but it was hard for us to go to school since my father was detached from the service. i end up studying alone, i took up my college degree far from my family, i worked and study, and surprisingly i did it. although, i experience a lot of hardships both financially, and emotionally but i did survived and made it.
i am proud of myself now, but i am not totally fulfilled with my dreams specially to my siblings, i send them to college as a reward for myself, yes, i am now the bread winner of my family.
i will write more of me later, but for now i will end this since i feel sleepy. goodnight.