Sunday, October 26, 2008

facing the risk

Can we learn something helpful here? Something that may save our self-steem and make it less necessary to retreat? Can we face the possibilities of hurt without shrinking from life to avoid it? The answer, if we allow ourselves to be human, is yes. We can indeed learn much about tricky questions of emotional involvement. We can learn things about ourselves that enable us to avoid crushing and unnecessary pain as we seek to live more closely with others. We can love without destroying our self-confidence.

What is like to be excessively emotionally involved? Everyone of us has had some experience of this. Mine is just too personal, maybe because i was so attached of what my husband told me when were having chat a while ago. We talk about the high taxes that he must be paying this coming November. I understand that he lives in one of the most expensive country in the world. And taxes really much high than we expected. My husband had been affected so much with the global financial crisis. I feel helpless coz I'm still here in my country and i cannot even extend my arms to my husband to comfort him, although we keep on talking over the net and on the phone. He maybe financially stable but still i feel the pressure of being the man of the family. I wanted to hug him but i can't due to our distance. All i can do is to comfort him trough words of encouragement.

I'm just hoping and praying that these global problem will end up so everyone can get back to its normal passage of life.

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