Saturday, October 25, 2008


Iv’e had a friendship with a single man for over 12 years, and it’s been a wonderful gift to me. we made a decisions early on that, for many reasons, the relationship were never lead to marriage and it was truly a settled issue that it was a friendship and nothing more, in both our minds. how nice it has been to that male companionship, to get a male viewpoint, to be able to call him without worrying about what he might think, to go with him freely , in others words to have a friend in him just as i do with my female friends.
They come and go with our lives and leave us there memories, memories that would complete us being a human. Sometimes i wonder why there are friendship that would not last long? Maybe because we lost trust with them, or maybe they are just friends in times that your life is on its peak. But whatever is the reason we must never forget that in this world we need friends, and friendship starts with in ourselves, and towards our mankind. Maybe you would wonder what does it means. Well, its just a matter of self-interrogation, and intra-communication, talking to thy selves would really help us on how to deal with our friends.
NOW THAT i am married i have all the limitations to stop meeting him, somehow it made me realized the real value of a true friend. he is just like my brother, someone who protect and respect me at all times. to you my friend i vow and hope you will read this you know who you are. thanks a lot for the friendship.


  1. yah, i appreciate this one

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