Monday, October 27, 2008

my sister's in- law sentiments

my sister in law had been together with us for about 3 years with the 4 kids. yes, i am supporting them since my brother has no job. aside from the fact that my brother has no stable job his family was then in my costudy, seems that i am there father. it was quite a tough responsibility providing and supporting them.
my sister handed me this moring a letter and while reading it, i feel really pity of her situation, somehow i understand how she feels, and i know who is to be blame with there situation.

Here is her letter
my dearest sister,

before its a fulfillment for both of us when we dont have kids yet, just me and your brother no big responsibilities, until i get pregnant. it was so easy for us coz during that time your brother still have job and we only had one kid, but when the other 3 kids came up in this world that was the start of our difficult life. i realized how it is being a wife, and having a husband with no job is precisely the most miserable life ever. i don't have much time for myself, but when i think of my kids its all done i mean i feel the comfort having these wonderful kids around me.

as a wife, i try to understand your brother in as much as i could, and i thank GOD that he had given me a wonderful sister like you who took good care of us despite of all your struggles in life, you never forget us and provide everything in the absence of your brother. there are times that i feel so shy with you but you made me comfortable and at ease. its amazing how i am blessed with a sister in law who think first of her family than herself.
i am just so thankful to GOD and never fails to call him in times when i am down, and he always answer me. i thank him coz he had given me you. thank you sis for everything. your my sister and my best friend.

with love,
ate jocelyn

somehow with this letter i realized how hard it is for my sister in law to handle tough situation being apart from my brother and for having a jobless husband. i admire her so much, coz of her patient and how she value her family and the love that she showed for her children. i love her so much.

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