Friday, October 24, 2008

the start of me

if i am able to relate all the things that happen in my past, it would be a milestones of writing and typing. that's why i end up sleepless nights thinking where would i start. i may admit that since college even though my course is related to communication i am having hard times in writing, i remember one of my professor told me, Noemi you maybe good enough in many ways, but in writing your not, it can pull you down. these phrase always linger in my mind. but i did not take it as a negative criticism, rather i dealt it and dwell it as a tool of something. something that i know would give me enough courage to face my weaknesses.
then how would i become successful if i would not be able to overcome it right? in many ways, i admire and i appreciate my prof back then and wish to see him and say thank you, because if not of him i would not have the gats to do this things.
physically, i am a kind of person that is petite, never had in my life that i experience gaining weight, terrible, i dream to gain some pounds but it didn't worked out. but i hope i would when i have a baby soon hehehhe.
i am a moody type of person, specially if some situation triggers me to be like that. well, don't matter what are those...but a midst of it, i could eventually handle it.
i grew up with a typical Filipino family, my upbringing was derived from the ancient or a military form of discipline, maybe because my father was then a military. but it was hard for us to go to school since my father was detached from the service. i end up studying alone, i took up my college degree far from my family, i worked and study, and surprisingly i did it. although, i experience a lot of hardships both financially, and emotionally but i did survived and made it.
i am proud of myself now, but i am not totally fulfilled with my dreams specially to my siblings, i send them to college as a reward for myself, yes, i am now the bread winner of my family.
i will write more of me later, but for now i will end this since i feel sleepy. goodnight.

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  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog. I like your story. Keep it up!