Tuesday, November 4, 2008

how important is decision making in our life?

In many years i had been into tough situations which need to be motivated by my mind and by my power of thinking. i have learned that it was so hard to decide specially when your in trouble. sometimes we end up crashed and rusted by our own doing. those experiences made me realized how hard it is to overcome and how difficult it is to refurnished the wrong doings i had been into.
Decisions begin as thoughts. if thinking is our pathway to power, then it must be true that our decisions is the surest and most rapid super-expressway to success. Decisions are the strongest and most powerful way for us to alter our circumstances. By making decisions, we are taking responsibility for our life to guide it through the labyrinth of choices available for us. In my life i have learned few things on how decision making really affects me and influenced me.
a. i have a choice= in fact i have a lot of choices, yes right now i have a lot of choices and make decisions that can affect my life. i have unlimited choices to make decisions that can have a tremendous inspirational impact in my life. Sure, there may be many obstacles and challenges along the way. however if i stand to the firm decisions that i have made, i can have self confidence that can show the bold actions i may take that would carry me over to any troubling grounds and lead me to victory.
b. firmness of decisions= sticking with my decisions through ups and downs, good and bad thick and thin. making decisions is just like exercising muscles, the greater the intensity of exercise the stronger the muscles grow. likewise the firmer the decisions the more conviction behind them.
these two things made me realized how to handle things out. and know the consequences of my actions. I learn to make firm decision when commitment is made to achieve.

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